The Website Installer inside the MESILLAHOSTING Web Hosting Control Panel will provide you with an easy way to create a brand new website using a custom appearance within five minutes. All it takes is merely four simple steps for your site to be on the web. It’s possible to choose from more than two hundred available site templates and just as soon as everything is prepared, you’re able to control your new web site with ease. We’re going to send you logon details for the admin area and you will be able to begin incorporating completely new site pages immediately. If, anytime, you need assistance – the technical team members can be found 24 hours a day, willing to help you along.

The Website Installer is available each Linux cloud hosting package coming with the MESILLAHOSTING Web Hosting Control Panel.

A Quick Website Installer

Release your web site with only a click

If you’re not proficient in page coding, it could be very hard for you to manage a site launch by yourself – if you do not utilize handy site production applications such as MESILLAHOSTING’s instantaneous Website Installer that will be integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel. To employ the tool, you simply need to decide on a style and design web theme for your website and then set it up with only a mouse click. You don’t have to possess any html coding experience to kickstart your web site. You can add unique pages and upload text content and pictures on them really efficiently. If you do not like the tweak you have made you are able to revert it and repeat the process. It is all simple to manage.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Web Templates Available For You

Set up your brand new site with a click

To enable you to bring your new website online at the earliest opportunity, we’ve created a range of site templates to select from. According to the topic of your website, you will find a very good theme for your blog site or web gallery or the ideal style and design for your personal portfolio. All design themes are accessible for zero–cost use inside your Web Hosting Control Panel. We’ve been working hard to make completely new website templates as per the latest design and style tendencies so as to offer you a better option for your own web sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Help and Support Service

Get in touch with us for help whenever you want

The support department offers a substantial experience with hosting and is in a position to assist you with any type of issues you may have managing your sites. Also, you will discover a complete FAQ library and a collection of how–to training videos that address the most frequent topics and difficulties. MESILLAHOSTING offers a one–hour reaction time period warranty, nonetheless, normally our customer support representatives can answer back within just 30 minutes.

24/7 Support