A data center can be explained as a complex warehouse for web servers. That is a facility that accommodates a lot of web servers used by businesses for storing data and files or for carrying out computation services at a large scale. Web hosting, search engines and massive social networks are just several examples of the services that need data centers for their servers since they can't operate on a single machine. The facilities take care of the temperature, humidity, electrical power and connection backups so as to guarantee the most efficient and consistent functioning of all hosting servers situated there. All data centers have 24/7 monitoring and restrict the access to the hosting servers so as to ensure that the hosting servers are protected all of the time. The quality of any Internet service that you get typically depends not just on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center they use.
Data centers in Cloud Hosting
We provide our cloud hosting packages in five outstanding data centers around the globe in order to provide you with a choice to select the one closest to you or to your target region. Our advanced cloud hosting platform is provided in all 5 of them, so you shall enjoy the very same high level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities that are located in the United States, England, Australia, BG and Finland, offer multi-gigabit connectivity via numerous backbone Internet suppliers and effective backup generators to ensure that your Internet sites shall be up and running constantly. As competent support crews manage our servers on all 3 continents, we can focus on creating new services and bettering the existing ones continuously, so we can give you the first-class hosting service which you have always wanted.
Data centers in Dedicated Hosting
In case you need plenty of computing power for your websites and you acquire one of the dedicated server plans that we offer, you shall be able to take full advantage of the excellent service our Chicago-based data center offers. The Colohouse facility is where our dedicated servers are housed and hosting your Internet sites there shall enable you to reach the whole North American continent effortlessly. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with many major cities in the area and even over the Atlantic guarantee the excellent access speeds to your content. Your server shall never be inaccessible as it will have its own efficient UPS device that will keep it working until 1.5 MW diesel power generators begin working in case there is a power disruption. The 24/7 hosting server support crew will react instantly in the event that there's any problem with your server and we have spares and whole backup hosting servers inside the facility, so your Internet sites shall be working no matter what.